You are unique in what you do and who you are – mission driven and focused.

Yet sometimes you need a little help. You are tired of the mediocrity and ready to find your own version of The Good Life in everything – work, life, fun and love – right now.

We’ve created the world’s first personality-based AI digital behavior change engine for achievers like you to help you solve life’s challenges, achieve your goals, do and be more of your best self – on demand.

Featuring digital coach and guide GiGi (and backed up by some really smart live coaches), it’s like having a best friend, master coach and wise elder in your pocket all the time.

Experience the power of anytime, anywhere AI achievement coaching for established founders, owners and leaders who are destined to drive change for good at work while balancing the demands of life.

Love, leadership, mindfulness and growth – for you, your mission, your people and your world.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside:

Calming Coach (COACH Me)

“I need some help.” 

Interactive and smart AI “On The Spot” coaching helps you immediately make a decision, get clarity, confidence or motivation, with live help if you need it.

Mindfulness Mentor (CALM Me)

Help me be peaceful and grounded.”

Visualize, meditate, listen and move to one of thousands of science-based, proven mindfulness techniques guaranteed to work for your personality and style.

Goals Guru (CATAPULT Me)

Help me achieve more.”  

Set and achieve goals in any area of your life.  Get motivation and momentum to move forward in - mind, body, love, work, money and more.

Journaling Journey (CATALYZE Me)

Help me see patterns in my life."

Privately and securely capture your moods, feelings, learnings, insights and develop new ways of experiencing your world.  Watch yourself grow!

Transformational Tutor (CHALLENGE Me)

Help me have better habits."

5 Minute challenges, training, tools, skills and resources curated from from the best in personal development, leadership, mindset and achievement help you develop the best habits to stay on path and on your mission.

And Much More!

You’ll have Insights, Assessments, Goals, Measurements and Tools to get immediate answers to life’s questions - and become the peaceful, productive leader you always knew you could be.

Lead, Love, Grow

The Good Life is the ONLY personality-based, holistic Wellness As a Service platform for mission-based, people-centered founders, owners and influencers like you that takes away overwhelm and fatigue, gives you focus and clarity, while helping you create and live your best life – on demand.

We combine the 3 BIG types of coaching:

Life: Find Fulfillment, Confidence and Purpose

Success: Achieve Your Goals – Amp up your Performance

Leadership:  Inspire Others to Change The World

And combines it with powerful features to help you:

  • Develop and Maintain Healthy Habits
  • Experience Emotional Wellbeing
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Improve Yourself  

You will feel better, do better and connect better – from the comfort of your phone or computer – without fear of being judged, wronged or embarrassed.

Good Life Amplifier

Get immediate answers to your most pressing life challenges “On the Spot” Coaching feature.

Get personalized answers FAST.  Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Quantum Linguistics and Enhanced Rapid Learning techniques, VERA AI will help you accomplish permanent and positive personal growth and get answers – NOW. 

Just push HELP ME NOW when you want to:


When you reserve your VIP place during the pre-launch you will receive:

Insider Access

Insider Access

The insider’s look at The Good Life journey while we build our next 8 figure company (It’s vulnerable, raw and courageous – just like YOU!)

FREE Tools

FREE Tools

Coaching tools, resources and processes you can use immediately

VIP Access

VIP access to new features (and awesome new AI and offline tools) before anyone else

Opportunities to Contribute

Opportunities to contribute and have YOUR wisdom featured in The Good Life App

Discounts & Bonuses

Pre-launch only discounts and bonuses

Ambassador Privileges

First right to become an ambassador (after you experience The Good Life for yourself of course!)

And much, MUCH more…

We are patent-pending, so come on in now before we launch to get a front row seat, and we will be sure to let you in as soon as the is available. 

The Good Life is the ONLY personality-based, holistic Wellness As a Service platform for mission-based, people-centered founders, owners and influencers like you that takes away overwhelm and fatigue, gives you focus and clarity, while helping you create and live your best life and be your best self – on demand.

The Holisec Group


We Make Tools for the Soul That Make People Whole.

How it all began.

The Holisec Group was born after co-founder Stephanie Frank had experienced years of end-of-life caretaking for her mother and husband at the same time while running a business and managing employees – with the resulting caregiver / leader / founder burnout that also sent her to the hospital.

It was a warning and a wake up call.

It was, naturally, a stressful, anxious and often lonely time.

With her personal familiarity – and her deep professional experience as a master success coach, entrepreneur, computer protocol analysis and behavioral profiling – Stephanie recognized a need and an opportunity to solve it.

In that hospital bed, Stephanie realized with the help of her long-time collaborator and organizational psychologist Ray Williams and tech-genius business partner Bryce Kuhlman, they could marry true psychology, technology and proven, science-backed behavior change models to create something never done before to help people live The Good Life – and The Good Life.AI was born.

Ray’s wisdom and knowledge of executive coaching and professional consultation services worldwide and experience as a CEO, Superintendent of Schools, senior HR executive, management consultant, trainer, executive coach, professional speaker and author is unparalleled. When Stephanie approached him about helping to create the new frontier of personal development in your pocket (combining psychology and technology) he emphatically said “Yes!”.

Combined with Holisec Group co-founder Bryce Kuhlman’s wealth of knowledge of technology, data science, software and robotics, the match was perfect. Bryce had even been a working magician and had been involved in several high-tech personal transformation projects.

Bryce, Stephanie and the rest of their highly committed team are specialists in systems, personal development, brand strategy, organizational development, leadership, product development, market introduction, licensed characters and healthcare.

Joyce Lynn White, (Joyce White) (Community) brings a M.Ed degree, multiple certifications, and a wide-based experience in diagnostics, positive behavioral management, organizational leadership, and national educational consultation. She loves creating connections and building community. Cliff Edwards (Training and Support) has a wide depth and understanding of the coaching process, support and training. All are passionate about amplifying the human experience and helping others create The Good Life for themselves.

Along the way, they lost their beloved CEO, William Faucette, Jr. to pancreatic cancer. He used many of The Good Life processes to help him on his journey and kept a good faith mindset in the midst of personal tragedy.

Together, this amazing team created the patent-pending Behavior Change Engine that drives The Good Life AI – combining both Artificial and Emotional Intelligence with personality-based transformative, session based experiences.

They created a whole new breed of digital coaching companion engineered to befriend you, coach you, prompt you, relax you, promote peace of mind and holistic wellbeing.

It is scheduled to be released soon.
And you get to be the first to experience it.

So sign up to the pre-launch today.
There’s no obligation and no cost.

Bryce, Stephanie, Josh, Cliff, Joyce and Ray