We Create Technology to Help People Live Their Good Life

Technology-based self-improvement that helps people confidently achieve their vision of The Good Life – anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide equitable access to transformative digital/virtual connection, coaching, well-being and personal growth to all who:

  1. Desire to improve themselves,
  2. Have the motivation to act, and;
  3. The courage to change.

So that all individuals, families and organizations can evolve, connect and be happier.

Using technology to amplify the human experience.

We promise to answer the call to:

Make it Simple

Provide technology that’s easy to use. “Tell me what/how to use it, and the best/easiest way to use it. Then make it really easy for me to do and get results”.

Be Data Driven

Continuously provide engaging and updated software. “Use what I tell you in confidence to help me improve myself.”

Create Excellent Experiences

Remove obstacles to using technology as a coach. “Help me feel comfortable and safe when I’m afraid, overwhelmed or confused and feel dumb.”

Put Humans First

Be kind and help people find success. “Give me confidence in myself and my abilitites.  Help me laugh and feel connected no matter what is going on around me”.

Provide Social Impact

We are Tech For Good.  “Help me and my family, friends and social circles provide an ongoing benefit to ourselves, our people and our planet.”

Our Story

It all began when…

In 2015, Stephanie Frank had experienced years of end-of-life care-taking for her mother and husband at the same time while running a business and managing employees – with the resulting burnout that also sent her to the hospital. It was a warning and a wake up call.

It was, naturally, a stressful, anxious and often lonely time. With her personal familiarity – and her deep professional experience as a master success coach, entrepreneur, computer security specialist and behavioral profiler – Stephanie recognized a need and a technology-based opportunity to solve the desire for personal coaching without the stigma of therapy.

Marrying psychology and technology for positive behavior change…

Fast forward and Stephanie had teamed up with her long-time collaborator and organizational psychologist Ray Williams and tech-genius business partner Bryce Kuhlman.  They decided to marry psychology, technology and proven, science-backed behavior change models to create something never done before to help people evolve – and TheGoodLife.ai was born. 

Stephanie frank

Stephanie frank


bryce kuhlman

bryce kuhlman


Ray Williams, PhD

Ray Williams, PhD


…With a Powerful Team of Expert Technology, Behavior and Leadership Professionals.

Ray’s wisdom and knowledge of executive coaching and professional consultation services worldwide and experience as a CEO, Superintendent of Schools, senior HR executive, management consultant, trainer, executive coach, professional speaker and author is unparalleled. Combined with Bryce Kuhlman’s wealth of knowledge of technology, data science, software and robotics, the match was perfect. Bryce had even been a working magician and had been involved in several high-tech personal transformation projects.

Bryce, Stephanie and the rest of their highly committed team are specialists in systems, personal development, organizational development, executive leadership, coaching, and software engineering.


Joyce Lynn white

Joyce Lynn white

Partnerships & Community

Clifford Edwards

Clifford Edwards

Support & Training

Joyce Lynn White, (Joyce White) (Community) brings a M.Ed degree, multiple certifications, and a wide-based experience in diagnostics, positive behavioral management, organizational leadership, and national educational consultation. She loves creating connections and building community. Cliff Edwards (Training and Support) has a broad range of experience and a deep understanding of the coaching process, support and training. All are passionate about amplifying the human experience and helping others create The Good Life for themselves.

Dedicated to inspiring people to level up.

Together, this amazing team created the patent-pending Behavior Change Engine that drives TheGoodLife.ai – combining both Artificial and Emotional Intelligence with personality-based transformative, session based experiences that aspire to address Holistic Well-Being for All.

Our Guiding Principles

We operate according to universal principles of trust, love, gratitude and compassion.  We aspire to have fun while making a difference and are compelled to be a source of good in the world.  We make decisions based on these values:


When it’s not simple, we reevaluate. Simple is good.


We are authentic no matter what. We tell our truth.


We act with care, hope, love, faith, resilience and kindness. We are open to vulnerability. We choose LOVE over Fear and ask for help when needed.


Magical Experiences are our focus. We create engaging experiences in all of our efforts.

Positive Impact

We strive to make a positive impact on people, profit and the planet.