Digital Coaching That’s Convenient. Private.
Personalized and Conversational. is the ONLY personality-based, Holistic Wellness As a Service chatbot platform for people-first organizations that helps people take away overwhelm and fatigue, gives them focus and clarity, while helping them create and live their best life – on demand.

A Whole Person, Whole Organization Approach

1. User starts chat conversation with The Good Life Guide, Genii.

2. User and Genii interact while collecting data using science-backed methods such as CBT, CBC, DBT (Mindfulness), Positive Psychology and highly researched personality profiling methods such as the Big 5.

3. Data is collected in the app and is used to drive evidentiary metrics such as goal attainment, fulfillment, stress reduction and overall well-being.

4. User and Genii become bonded and continuously learn from each other through conversations, On the Spot Coaching and continuous improvement.

5. Genii guides user to achieve personal or professional goals and find fulfillment and purpose overall.

6. Organization benefits through increased engagement, less loss, turnover and higher productivity overall.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside:

Well-Being Coach 

“I need some help.” 

Smart AI coaching helps you immediately make a decision, get clarity, confidence or motivation, with live help if you need it.

Mindfulness Mentor 

Help me be peaceful and grounded.”

Proven, science-based mindfulness techniques guaranteed to work for your personality and style.

Goals Guru 

Help me achieve more.”  

Set and achieve goals in any area of your life.  Get motivation and momentum to move forward in – mind, body, love, work, money and more.


Help me see patterns in my life.”

Privately and securely capture your moods, feelings, learnings, insights and develop new ways of experiencing your world.  Watch yourself grow!

Transformational tools

Help me have better habits.”

5 Minute challenges, training, tools, skills and resources curated from from the best in personal development, leadership, mindset and achievement help you develop the best habits to stay on path and on your mission.

And Much More!

You’ll have Insights, Assessments, Goals, Measurements and Tactics to get immediate answers to life’s questions – and helps your people become the peaceful, productive leaders you always knew they could be.

Gain Insights

Continuously updated well-being and stress reduction metrics from the real time dashboard for the user and the organization.

Spot patterns and learn about:

  • personalities of the people in your organization
  • individual strengths
  • stress reduction trends
  • mood changes within yourself or your organization
  • well-being improvement trends that increase productivity

All without infringing on the privacy or emotional safety of any individual.

Personalized Well-Being Chat Coaching

Using our patent-pending 7 layer coaching model along with 10 categories of well-being used by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), people go on a contextualized quest to uplevel their well-being over time. 

By choosing between 7 Qualities of fulfillment along with one of 10 categories of Life, Genii creates a customized coaching program for each individual, choosing from 50 different coaching programs within the system.

Good Life Amplifier

Get immediate answers to most pressing life challenges with “On the Spot” Coaching.

Get personalized answers FAST.  Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Quantum Linguistics and Enhanced Rapid Learning techniques, will help you accomplish permanent and positive personal growth and get answers – NOW. 

Just CHAT WITH GENII when you want to:


Make a Decision

Build My Confidence

Resolve a Conflict

Correct a Mistake

Break a Bad Habit

Get More Motivated

Calm Down

Take a Break

Feel Better

Drive Platform Engagement Automatically

Genii will reach out to people with friendly reminders via text to share insights, tips, goals due, habits and to-dos that need to be completed toward a coaching or self-improvement goal. 

100% Confidential and Safe

ALL information is encrypted and NO ONE except the individual user can see what is said to the Genii – ever.

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