The FIRST Personality-Based Digital Coaching Chatbot for Clarity, Productivity, Well-Being and Growth.

Convenient.  Private.  Personalized.

We help organizations empower people to find the most fulfilling and productive version of their lives.

TheGoodLife.AI is the first patent-pending personality-based Holistic Digital Personal Development Coach Chatbot that helps people evolve and thrive – at work, home and in love – by having intelligent and thoughtful conversations – similar to texting with a personal life coach or wise mentor.


Organizations today are struggling with two key employee issues.

1. Diminished Well-Being reduces productivity by up to 80%

2. Increased stress costs organizations billions in lost revenue every year.

By using across your organization your people will: 

Improve Well-Being

Reduce Stress

Stressed Employees

Three key ways increased stress is affecting your organization:

Lost Productivity

Lost productivity as a result of anxiety and depression accounts for US $1 trillion of yearly sunk cost. – Deloitte Global


Absenteeism due to personal issues costs organizations $56 Billion / year in the US alone. – Deloitte

Mental Health Concerns

Eighty three percent (83%) of all workers are experiencing mental health issues – most do not need therapy. – Harvard Study 2021

What are your people struggling with since the pandemic?


Working from home or “hybrid” workers feel lonely and isolated.*

$6 Trillion

Lost productivity cost in the US by 2030 – World Economic Forum

* Source: The Standard and


# of people reported increased stress on the job.*

How many employees are in your organization?


colleagues are currently struggling with stress or feeling out of control.


days lost per year due to workplace stress.


the annual cost of stess-related workplace issues.

Based on 2022 research for the United States workforce


Chat-based self-improvement that helps people confidently level up their performance and well-being, while reducing stress – anytime, anywhere.

Click the video below for a 3-minute overview.

Build a People-First, Engaged Organization

We use science-based practices to create well-being and mindfulness centered tools, education and coaching programs that improve well-being and effectively reduce stress so organizations can retain people and grow sustainably.

66% of all employees and 91% of GenZ and Millennials believe an organizational culture should support personal well-being. – Harvard study 2021

Create More Trust and Safety in Your Organization

People need to be able to feel free to bring their whole self to work – free from distraction and concerns. When your organization includes 24/7 access to confidential digital coaching, you build trust, safety and compassion into your culture, resulting in higher productivity and less absenteeism. Without the fear, embarrassment or stigma of seeking live therapy.

Measurable Results for All

Understanding the health of your people and your organization can help you make data-driven decisions around your investment in well-being strategy.

Empower your people to track, understand and learn new ways to decrease stress and improve well-being.

The GoodLife Well-Being Index uses generally accepted categories defined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Inspire People to Level Up Their Performance

Science-backed methods from the 3 BIG types of coaching:

Life: Find Fulfillment, Confidence and Purpose

Success: Achieve Your Goals – Amp up Performance

Leadership:  Inspire Others to Change The World

And combines it with powerful features to help your people:

  • Develop and Maintain Healthy Habits
  • Experience Emotional Wellbeing
  • Achieve Goals
  • Personally Improve Themselves
  • Significantly Reduce Stress

Your people will feel better, do better and connect better – from the comfort of their phone or computer – without fear of being judged, wronged or embarrassed.

The Good Life Holistic Behavior Change System

What People are Saying About

“I love how Genii conducts daily checks and ask if you are OK. Genii offers mindfulness exercises and provides positive coping techniques to add to your health kit. Genii reminds me that my mental health is my wealth.”

Yahmin Norwood

Information System Security Manager, Boeing

“I love your idea of the Well Being Index.  It helps organizations draw a correlation between well-being in individuals and the hard-core elements that get them results.”

Rene Burke, MBA

CEO, Breakthrough Business Insights

“ app helped my global team to get recognized twice at a fortune 100 company town hall meeting and the company realized a 17M per year annual savings.  Personally, TheGoodLife app helps me stay mission focused, pushing through in the face of next to impossible odds, and my own disability challenges with personal setbacks.”
Douglas Scott - Nickname Scotty

Cyber Defense Modernization Delivery Manager

Iman Aghay Endorses Life Coaching Application for Corporations.

Iman is a serial entrepreneur, International Best-selling author, and World Class speaker who has coached over 15,000 business owners.

More That People Love About Genii!

“I love this approach. It is fact based and data driven. The resource becomes your personal mentor that facilitates private conversations.”

“I love that I am in a two-way conversation with a coach who seems to understand me.”

“My HERO Identity helped me learn about myself and how to interact with my team and other managers.”

“I love the ai coaching. It feels so safe and private, I can be perfectly honest.”

“I got three problems solved in no time!”

“It really does feel like someone cares. ☺️”

“It’s like texting with a mentor, who is there – even in the middle of the night.”