Privacy Statement

June 24, 2022

We take your privacy very seriously and do our utmost to protect your personal data and your privacy.  We’re intentional about the data we collect, and it’s always with the goal to deliver an experience that improves your life or well-being in some way.

While our full Privacy Policy is in development, here are some things we definitely want you to know about our handling of the data and information you share while using

1. Your personal process is yours and yours alone. Other than the information you use to establish your user account – your name, email address and mobile phone number – everything that you enter into the app and share about yourself or others during your interactions with Genii is encrypted and remains private to you. That means that no one, not even any of our principals or employees, can access or know what you’ve shared.  

2. We do not, and will not share or sell your personal information to advertisers, business partners, government agencies or any other third party. 

3. If you established an account with us as part of a group, we may share some aggregated data and anonymized (not identifiable with any account or individual), with the sponsoring company or organization. This information is limited in scope, used to understand general usage levels of the app and to observe trends in overall levels of stress and/or well-being of users within the group. 

4. From time to time you may also opt in to receive information via email or text about special events and offers. If you do, we may collect additional information related to the email correspondence and any offers/events you choose to participate in. 

5. Your data is yours. Regardless of where you live or are physically located, you can access, correct or delete your own contact or communication preferences data and opt in or out of receiving emails, texts or push notifications. At any time you can request that any or all of your personal data be deleted.  

6. Our data handling is consistent for all users regardless of location or citizenship across the world.  It does and will continue to comply with the most comprehensive national and international privacy regulations and requirements including:

    • GDPR – For residents and citizens of the European Union and Great Britain.
    • CCPA & CPRA – For residents of California and throughout the United States.
    • PIPEDA – For residents of Canada

Privacy is complex, and the types of data available online continue to evolve, but know this: while we may evolve our policies, the commitments we’ve outlined above will never change. 

Please reach out anytime with questions, comments, concerns or ideas at